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The Importance of Mobile Apps in a Mobile World

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Press Release: July 11th, 2011

The rapid pace of innovation doesn’t only affect tech companies – it affects every business that wants to succeed in the modern world. Large corporations quickly adapt to new innovation but small businesses too often find themselves lagging behind the pack. If small businesses want any chance of competing in the modern business environment they will have to focus on going where their customers are. First it was the web, then it was social networks, and now all of your customers are going mobile – isn’t it time you did too?

How We Got Here
First came the Internet. In order to compete, businesses had to create a web presence to reach their migrating customers. Then Google ushered in the social web which forced businesses to optimize their websites for search engines. Social networks have long seen large and small brands alike try to reach their customers in a more interactive way. This time around, it was companies like Apple and RIM that allowed customers to take their full web experience on the go – meaning that is the next logical step your business has to take in order to simply keep up with the trends and the migration of your customers.

Large brands began creating mobile apps since they were in their infancy. If customers were going to start using their mobile devices to access the web, these businesses wanted to make it as easy to reach as many people as possible. Some offered tools, some offered services, and some offered content; whatever the case, these businesses attacked the emergence of the new mobile world and created their mobile presence.

The Future of the Mobile Web
The mobile web is still evolving but many small businesses have long made the jump into the app marketplace. As customers continue to adopt new mobile technology, they seek out helpful apps and ones that allow them to interact or simplify their life.

Key Stats:

  • 50% of Americans will own a smartphone by the end of 2011
  • The global smartphone market will soon hit 1 billion people
  • There are well over 600,000 mobile apps for the iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry already
  • The emergence of the iPad and Tablet PCs will greatly increase the number of mobile users – Apple has already sold over 25 million iPads

With numbers like those, not having a mobile app to reach your mobile customers is kind of like not having a website for your business. The single most important rule of business and marketing, especially in the Internet age, is “Be where there customers are.” Well, your customers are on their iPhone, Android, or BlackBerry device. They are on the iPad and other tablet devices. Oh, and guess what – the average user has more than 40 apps on each device.

This focus on moving to a mobile web when your business is still working  on its regular web presence may seem intimidating but getting in the  game early has a lot of advantages. But developing a feature-rich and  effective mobile app can be very expensive and time consuming. That’s why we Eco-Reef, Killer Web Design is offering a cost-effective alternative and a fully featured solution that can get your company involved  in the mobile computing revolution in a matter of just minutes.

The ability to reach your customers is far greater on the less crowded mobile web than the Internet. The cost of reaching each customer is a small fraction of now ancient forms of marketing like direct mail or product catalogs. Overall, the mobile app world offers your businesses the chance to reach customers in a brand new way – one that saves you money.


Take your business to the next level!

More and more people are accessing the web via mobile devices. Most of us have had experiences with trying to surf the web unsuccessfully because of  the incompatability of web sites on mobile devices. Not only do most web sites load extremely slow, when they do load, they are either the images and text are too small or if you zoom in far enough to be able to see it, you have to scroll around for several minutes just to be able to find what your are looking for, just to run into the same problem with the next page.

Statistically in 2010, more people accessed the web via mobile device than on desktops or notebooks. With the frustration that people have experienced with regular web sites, trends are moving to mobile apps because they load faster and are more in tune with the generation of today. While regular web sites are essential, you don’t want to miss the boat and be left behind.

Here’s just a few mobile apps that we have developed for businesses;

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